National Do Not Call List

The Do Not Call Registry is a do not call list of phone numbers of people that have chosen to “opt out” of most telemarketing calls. Once your phone number has been on the registry for a period of 31 days, they are not supposed to call you. If they do call, you can simply explain that you are on the registry. You can also file a complaint at

You don’t have to put your number on the do not call list. It’s an optional inclusion, but one that can make evenings much more peaceful around your home if you’re barraged with telemarketing calls. Once you register for the do not call list, your phone number will remain on the list permanently until you choose to remove it, it’s disconnected, or it’s assigned to another person.

Telemarketers sometimes call from morning until night. And it seems that you’re never just called by one company, but several. That’s because many companies sell your information to data miners. When you register as a customer, for an online account, for a sweepstakes, for freebies and almost any place where you enter your name, mailing address and email, that information may be sold. The companies that buy this information use it to market products to you. This is where they get your information to call you and to send you mail, junk mail, marketing their products and services.

To avoid having your personal information sold to marketing companies, check the privacy policy of every website in which you’re considering registering. Some make it clear that they don’t share your information, while others explain that they may use the information or share it with third parties. If you have a choice, select the option that lets you choose to not let them share the information. You may still receive calls and mailings from that company if you don’t have a choice to opt out of those offers. If you don’t have a choice at all, complain to the company and don’t sign up.

If you’re getting telemarketing calls that you don’t want, go to and add your phone number to the do not call list. This won’t prevent every company or organization from calling you. Some categories of calls are allowed under the do not call list rules. You can still receive calls from telephone surveys, charities and political groups. And any company that you’ve given permission to call you in an online or written form, or verbally, is allowed to call.

Also, any company you’ve done business with can call you for a limited period of time. If you contact them with some sort of form or application containing your phone number, they can contact you for up to 3 months. If you’ve made a purchase from them, they can call you for up to a year and a half. But cold-calling telemarketers must stop calling you within 31 days of your registry on the do not call list or you can complain via the government’s website.